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2022-12-20 13:37:45 By : Ms. Rebecca Du

On-the-go meals just got a little less wasteful with new modular fork and spoon inserts designed to work with the iconic French-made No.08 knife

Spoon, fork, knife? With the new Picnic+ cutlery set, your Opinel pocket knife becomes all three in one. The clever, two-part modular kit features interchangeable spoon and fork inserts that slot into the handle of the French brand’s iconic No.08 Folding Knife, using the locking Virobloc® safety ring to hold each in place.

Together, the set makes an inexpensive, lightweight, and sustainable alternative to disposable utensils—a useful tool kit to pack for any picnic, hike, or adventure where a pocket knife is already in tow.

Born in the Savoie region of France in 1890, Opinel knives have been a tried and true staple for over a century, with the No.08 knife sitting comfortably in both New York’s Museum of Modern Art and the pocket of countless outdoorists worldwide—it’s rumored that even Picasso used one of these as a sculpting tool. With the addition of the Picnic+ set, Opinel has reimagined the functionality of their classic design in a way that is innovative, unique, and evolving with the times while retaining its same iconic base quality.

The fork and spoon inserts are avaialble as a two-piece set with accompanying dual-use microfiber napkin slash carrying case ($18) and as a complete picnic package ($35), which includes the addition of a No.08 folding knife.

Pre-orders are now open—orders are expected to ship by 6 September 2022.

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